Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with fresh fruit

Oatmeal Porridge with fresh fruit

Organic Kosher Steel Cut Oatmeal porridge topped with fresh fruit

Organic Kosher Whole Grain breakfast. Easy to make, balanced, nutritious, healthy and keeps your body and mind in a good shape. It has a few ingredients and ready in 30 minutes.



  1. 1 cup – organic steel cut oatmeal
  2. 3 cups – natural Spring water
  3. 1 pinch – sea salt


  1. Any amount – fresh or previously frozen /defrosted organic cranberries
  2. Any amount – fresh pilled mango
  3. Any amount – fresh organic blueberries

Cooking Instructions:

Steel Cut Oatmeal does not require soaking before cooking.

Boil water in a stainless steel cooking pot, add sea salt and oatmeal. When it starts boiling again – remove the foam with a strainer. Reduce heat and simmer with a lid on for 30 minutes.

You can use these 30 minutes to do other things (put on makeup, prayers, pack lunches, cut up fresh fruits for the topping).

Turn off the flame. Mix the porridge with a wooden spoon to reach an even consistency. Serve hot with your favorite toppings.

In this recipe I used cranberries, mango and blueberries.


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