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I am NOT a chef or food photographer or a doctor. I am a wife, a Jewish mother to a grown-up daughter and a full-time IT professional with a demanding, busy work environment and schedule.

We live in Chicago; first generation of immigrants from the former Soviet Union; we like to travel, study and practice the wisdom of Torah.

Disclaimer – I would not think about cooking or baking as a hobby or a favorite pastime. I have always admired other women who cook because they LOVE doing it 🙂

But I want to stay fit, maintain my weight, look and feel young and be able to manage my busy schedule and get through the day fully functional without depending on caffeine, sugar or taking a nap.

I chose to spend a little more money on delicious organic plant based whole grain ingredients  now instead of facing the  prospective of spending a lot of money  on an ever growing list of medications and supplements in the years to come.

I chose to spend a little more time in my kitchen cooking delicious, nutritious, healthy food in  pre-planned time slots instead of being knocked out unplanned at  the most inconvenient times by migraines, blood pressure spikes, sugar jumps, back pains, or simply feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

I have spent 8 years learning about food and healthy cooking. I am convinced that G-d created perfect balanced food for us. It has all we need: wonderful natural taste without being chemically processed, colored, over salted, over sugared or over spiced. As in any other area of life, it takes learning and practice to achieve healthy eating and amazing results.

My husband is my main taster and the biggest supporter. He embraced whole grain plant based dishes with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. Every time we have a meal together he praises the delicious and satisfying aspects of the food. He often exclaims in genuine surprise: “Why do people crave meat?”

We are not totally vegan; we eat wild caught fish quite often.  Sometimes we venture into dairy and poultry just to realize how much we enjoy the taste of plant based meals and the wonderful feelings it gives us.

My recipes are simple and easy to make while being delicious, healthy, satiating, nutritious, well balanced, and diverse, to satisfy anyone’s palate. I have been cooking health minded dishes for 8 years. My family and I personally experienced amazing results and I am excited to share my experience and the delicious recipes I have created along the way.

All the dishes and food photography are mine. Please share with me your feelings, thoughts, questions and great recipes. You are on a journey, and I feel privileged that you have chosen me as one of your guides.

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Majority of people crave sweets. The sweet taste promotes happiness, contentment, cheerfulness, love, and satisfaction in the mind. We all need sweet tasted food in our diet to make it balanced. A simple sugar like cookies, donuts, breakfast cereals, etc., goes right into your bloodstream. Excess glucose and fructose are both converted to fat and stored. It gives you a quick spike of hyperactivity and then – when you totally not ready for that – your blood sugar goes down, and you feel no energy, tired, sleepy. It is quite inconvenient if it is 11:00 am, and there is still another hour of meetings before the lunchtime. A quick search for a cookie or chocolate or coke or whatever you can find in your drawer…

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